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Dog Syndrome.

12 Jun

Cutest thing ever. Fact.

On one occasion at Bookclub, one of our members Abby Bowes and our co-co-ordinator Ms Clarkin shared a special bond over their childhood. Apparently they were diagnosed with ‘Dog Syndrome’, not as a disease but a way of living…..As children, for a year, they responded to others, only as canine characters.  They were known to eat and drink and even bark and bite like dogs.  Does anyone else share this experience? Is it a rare condition? Nobody else at bookclub could understand this situation. Ms Clarkin states ;

“This outer body experience only lasted a year of my childhood. I completely blame Walt Disney’s The Fox and the Hound. The character of Copper changed my life. So cute! I only responded to the name Copper. I ate out of a bowl. I howled.  And I bit my older brother on the back during a family holiday to Ireland. Safe to say, that this incident put an end to my dog phase.”

Does anyone out there relate to this issue?

On this note, enjoy this classic!


Bookclub Anecdote Box…..

12 Jun

“It was formed five months ago. It is where we go every Friday and eat lunch. Currently we have been issued the book ‘Looking for JJ’ by Anne Cassidy to discuss. Other books we have read are ‘Eclipse’, ‘The Killing Sea’, ‘Apocalypse’ and ‘The Flood.’ Book Club was originally formed for an Integrated Learning Challenge, but the response it received made it continue on. It counts as an extra-curricular activity. As a new member I feel very welcome. We have also set up a blog and is up and running. It is a fun and easy way to interact with others and I hope to carry on at Bookclub. All the teachers that run Bookclub seem to think they are all ‘batman.’ Also Mrs McConnell pops in occasionally to help us out.”

“Bookclub is like one big happy family.”

“We also have Mrs McConnell who is the clown of the group.”

“Bookclub occupies our Friday lunchtimes. It may not seem like it, but it really is a lot of fun! The basics of the club are that we are given a book and are allocated a certain amount of chapters to read for the next week.  Although we work hard discussing and debating about books- we also find time to gossip!”

“When we go to Bookclub we know we are looked after because the teachers (who, by the way are the best in the world) bring us cakes and sweets!”

“It’s all great fun and it gives us all the opportunity to make new friends.!”

“Bookclub takes place in Mr McKendrick’s room however he isn’t a part of the club. At one point I believe he tried to break in. “