OLSP School News Report 2014

27 Mar

O.L.S.P BBC School News Report  

Thursday 27th March 2014



Our aim for this report is to investigate the impact technology has had on the art of reading. We will interview various experts on the topic- we are making up this backup paper version of the school report just in case technology fails us.

Days before Technology

Correspondent Craig Butchart interviewed our school Luddite Mr McGarvey on his views based on the topic. Mr McGarvey attended University and is an English specialist. He was brought up and educated before the days of technology.

Craig: “What is your favourite book?”

Mr McGarvey: “My favourite book has always been 1984 by George Orwell, because this book is like the bible. Everything Orwell wrote in this book came true. There is a mistrust of technology in this novel.”

Craig: “If someone put a Kindle and a book down on the table which one would you choose and why? “

Mr McGarvey: “Well I would have to say the book- as it never runs out of charge. And there is no risk of it exploding.”

Craig: “How did you cope during your Education, without technology? “

Mr McGarvey: “We coped excellently. In fact I think technology hinders the Education of you all today. We used various utensils such as rulers and stencils. In fact stencils fit the Curriculum for Excellence criteria. Literacy and Numeracy across the curriculum. ”

Advantages/Disadvantages of the Kindle

Correspondent Mitchell Wilson interviewed school Mathematician and whistling guru Mr O’Donnell. Again, Mr O’Donnell also grew up before the days of technology fell upon society.

Mitchell: What was your favourite childhood book?

Mr O’Donnell: As a young boy, I was really into fairy tales. I particularly enjoyed the “Pied piper of Hamelin. My mum used to read it to me time and time again.” Mitchell: Have you ever used technology to read?

Mr O’Donnell: “Yes I have, I’m always on my mobile phone checking the BBC news and sports page.”

Mitchell: “What are your thoughts on the invention of the kindle?”

Mr O’Donnell: “It’s a great idea! It’s very convenient and lightweight. It’s easy to carry around with you and you are able to store the amount of books that would fill a suitcase on one device. However, I’ve never owned or read on the kindle but I would hope to do so in the future.”

The History of Books

Our correspondent, Kelsi Simpson, investigated the history of the classic books. Kelsi: Traditional books have existed ever since the first Bible. Classic authors and poets from Jane Austin, the Bronte sisters to J.K Rowling all handwrote their work. Story telling has been going on for thousands and thousands of years and this was all without the aid of technology. Can you image Jane Austen using a Kindle? There are many benefits of reading:

  • Reading can help prevent Alzheimer’s
  • Enhances your memory
  • Boosts your analytical thinking
  • Expands your vocabulary.

Never underestimate the importance of reading.   All about Kindles Nowadays the Kindle has become immensely popular in the last three years since it was released. It is an electronic reading tablet that enables you to purchase books, magazines and newspapers directly to your device. You can also purchase games, puzzles etc. The benefits of the kindle are:

  • It’s lighter than books
  • It’s easy to take on holiday
  • Takes up less room,
  • You can see in the dark.

However, you never need to charge up a book and many use Kindles for other sources of entertainment, rather than reading.

The effects of Kindles on our Local Libraries

Our correspondent Zoe, investigated the effects that the kindles has had on libraries. The head of West Dunbartonshire libraries- Allan Gordon has spent time discussing with us how technology has affected our local libraries. Here is what he has to say; Allan_Gordon_Portrait_White_Background

“As you can see from the figures, book borrowing is still very popular even if it has declined slightly. We have a lot of people who have borrowed E- books and E- magazines from us. People are still reading, but not with the traditional book.”

He also added;

“Technology has had a big impact on libraries. Our computers in each brand are used almost constantly. They are used to share the internet and print out important documents. The advent of ICT has brought a lot of new people into libraries. We provide classes in using computers, tablets, digital cameras and smartphones. The negative impact is that people have more leisure options and there has been a slight decrease in people using traditional books. Some people just buy their books for the kindle or other types of E- book readers and don’t feel the need to use libraries’ as much as they used to.”

Finally the results are in…..

Our two S2 reporters Mitchel Wilson and Siobhan McKinley took charge a survey and asked over 50 members of the Our Lady and St Patricks Community whether they preferred traditional books or new age Kindles. They asked a wide range of community members- from parents, to teachers- including the Head Teacher Mr Rooney to the pupils of the school. Surprisingly the tradition book was by far in the lead!


Overall, from the statistics and figures we can see that the art of reading books is still very popular. Perhaps in the future physical books and Kindles will both thrive together. There are benefits and disadvantages of both forms. Don’t forget- it is National Book Night on the 23rd of April- will you be a book owl?

dr seuss

A big thank you to all those involved:

S3- Craig Butchart, Liam McQuade, Demi Sullivan, Jenna Meenan and Aleisha Vincent. S2- Sarah Docherty, Mitchell Wilson, Siobhan McKinley, Innes Campbell, Rose Moran and Kelsi Simpson.

And finally thanks to Miss Clarkin for leading the team and Mr Dunlop for his help too.


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