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Dog Syndrome.

12 Jun

Cutest thing ever. Fact.

On one occasion at Bookclub, one of our members Abby Bowes and our co-co-ordinator Ms Clarkin shared a special bond over their childhood. Apparently they were diagnosed with ‘Dog Syndrome’, not as a disease but a way of living…..As children, for a year, they responded to others, only as canine characters.  They were known to eat and drink and even bark and bite like dogs.  Does anyone else share this experience? Is it a rare condition? Nobody else at bookclub could understand this situation. Ms Clarkin states ;

“This outer body experience only lasted a year of my childhood. I completely blame Walt Disney’s The Fox and the Hound. The character of Copper changed my life. So cute! I only responded to the name Copper. I ate out of a bowl. I howled.  And I bit my older brother on the back during a family holiday to Ireland. Safe to say, that this incident put an end to my dog phase.”

Does anyone out there relate to this issue?

On this note, enjoy this classic!